NugentSchneiderFor many years, I noticed the lack of individual attention that clients received at larger institutions. Their savings were invested in pooled mutual funds and the client was then forgotten.

I wanted to do something different, so I founded Vestcap in 1988.

My goal from the outset was to provide a tailored approach to portfolio management. Each client would own their own individual stocks – not a mutual fund – based on their goals. Some needed income; others preferred growth. Our job was to decide how best to develop a portfolio that was appropriate for the client.

Sure, managing portfolios with individual stocks would be more work than a one-size-fits-all mutual fund approach. But, having been in the investment industry a great many years, talking to our clients each day is just as rewarding now as it was in the past. I’m happy to say that my colleagues share these sentiments as well.

Today, the world and its technology have evolved. As I look forward to the future, our job at Vestcap will remain managing individual client portfolios based on their current needs and future goals.

We’ve been at this now for 28 years, and no one person is responsible for our success. Vestcap has grown because of the teamwork employed by my colleagues. I’ve always known they would work hard and try their best. Today our performance results and exceptional client retention speaks for itself.

We cannot thank our clients enough for their loyalty. The majority have been with us through many market cycles. Today we are welcoming the next generation to our firm. We will continue to do our best in helping our clients achieve their future goals.

Along the way, we’ve seen good markets and bad, but one thing that has always been consistent is this: Vestcap has and always will put our clients first.



M. Nugent Schneider

Chair of the Board


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