Lyle Stein — Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager

Lyle began his investment career in Washington, D.C. as a financial consultant to regulated utility companies in Canada and the U.S. In 1998 he became the Portfolio Strategist at Nesbitt Thomson, where he was twice voted as Canada’s Top Ranked Strategist. From there he went to Sceptre Investment Counsel where he managed institutional equities as well as the Sceptre Balanced Growth Fund which under his direction was twice awarded “Balanced Fund of the Year”. In 2002, Lyle founded Red Barn Capital Inc., an Investment Counselling firm focused on the needs of individual investors. In 2009, Red Barn Capital was acquired by Leon Frazer & Associates Inc., one of Canada’s oldest independent portfolio management firms, where Lyle became Chief Executive Officer and Portfolio Manager. He has served on the Boards of numerous public and private companies, and brings over 35 years of analytical expertise to the firm. At Vestcap, Lyle is Managing Director, a Senior Portfolio Manager, and a member of the Investment Committee.

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