Nugent Schneider — Chair & Founder

Our founder, M. Nugent Schneider, was Vice Chairman of the investment subsidiary of a large Canadian trust company from 1985 to 1988, at which time he was responsible for approximately four hundred million dollars of personal clients’ assets. Prior to that time he was Resident Officer of M.K. Wong and Associates, a highly respected national investment counselling firm. He was responsible for establishing their office in Toronto to service and develop the Ontario clientele. His career in the investment industry began in the brokerage business in 1958 and has included professional trading, all aspects of retail and institutional marketing and portfolio management. Nugent has almost 50 years of investment experience and has held senior positions with several major brokerage and investment counselling firms for more than 35 years.

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At Vestcap we understand that clients have their own individual investment needs. Questions we get asked,

» How do I generate income in a low yield environment?
» How can I preserve capital in a volatile market environment?
» How do I not run out of money in retirement?

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